DJ Akademiks Calls "Cap" On Rumored Drake Release: "Nah, Man"

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Lollapalooza Chile 2023 - Day 2
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The plot thickens...

Drake and Kendrick Lamar have given fans some of the most exciting hip-hop moments of the decade in the last two months. These generational talents have dropped disses, trolled each other on social media, and driven the sales of the genre higher than they've been in years. One of the detriments of the Drake vs. Kendrick battle, though, is that the rollout for their respective diss songs has been a mess. Because of bad leads and AI decoys, it's become increasingly unclear to know what's real info and what's not. This is where DJ Akademiks comes in.

DJHed went viral on May 2 when he announced that Drake would be dropping a response to Lamar's "Euphoria." The radio personality teased the release on X (formerly Twitter), then circled back and said the news was "confirmed." Drake was seemingly striking while the iron was hot, and dropping only a few days after "Euphoria." Or so we thought. DJ Akademiks quote tweeted DJHed's original post and simply wrote: "CAP." He then appeared, via phone call, on Kai Cenat's May 2 live stream. Cenat asked whether Drake was actually dropping a response track, and Ak said no.

DJ Akademiks Said "Nothing" Is Dropping May 3

"Nah man," DJ Akademiks stated. "There ain't nothing dropping tonight, man." Cenat tried to determine the source of the rumor, but Ak dismissed it outright. He claimed that DJHed was simply trying to get in the mix with news, and passed along "bad" information. Akademiks has been wrong about several of his claims and/or predictions throughout the battle, to be fair. That being said, it's rare to hear the internet personality be so direct. Akademiks didn't tease Cenat with another rumor, or hint at when the diss song would be coming, he simply denied it was dropping tonight.

DJ Akademiks has come under fire for claiming Drake's "Push Ups" is a better diss song that Lamar's "Euphoria," but he has tried to keep his bias out of the situation. Just as he did with Lamar, he's started an X (formerly Twitter) habit of counting the days that Drake hasn't responded. The Toronto rapper was adamant about applying pressure to K. Dot when it was his turn to drop, which lend credence to the idea Drake would drop May 3. As it stands, it looks like the theory was "CAP" and nothing more. The counter continues.

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