Mo'Nique Goes Off on Oprah And Tyler Perry In Fiery Rant

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The Bridge Comedy Show: Mo'Nique, Nephew Tommy & Rodney Perry
STOCKBRIDGE, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 14: Comedian Mo'Nique performs onstage during The Bridge Comedy Show at Stockbridge Amphitheater on October 14, 2023 in Stockbridge, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
Mo'Nique Lets Loose on her longtime enemies.

Mo'Nique is using some harsh language to rekindle her years-long feud with Oprah and Tyler Perry by criticizing them once more. She is currently touring with Katt Williams, who, as you may know, set the world on fire, calling out half the entertainment industry on Club Shay Shay. During Williams's latest stop in his comedy tour, Mo'Nique got up on stage. The comedian and she went on a wild rant against Oprah and Tyler Perry. Her rant was full of a lot of profanity to help give even more context to her visible disdain for the pair. In her wild rant, she referred to Perry and Oprah as"coon motherf*****s."

Before Mo'Nique got to her rant, she got the crowd to join her in an "F* YOU OPRAH WINFREY, F* YOU TYLER PERRY!!" chant. Some audience members were eager to join in the fun. Others appeared apprehensive at the fire being thrown Oprah's way, which is why Mo'Nique called out some Oprah admirers in the crowd. She even urged a man in the audience to have sex with her in order to bring Oprah "back to Black."

Mo'Nique Goes On Wild Tirade Against Oprah And Tyler Perry

At one point, Mo'Nique professes that she does, in fact, have love for Oprah but then immediately calls her "simple-minded" and a "raggedy b***h". Mo'Nique declares she won't take back any remarks made on the set. She also, at some point, called in to question the nature of Oprah's friendship with Gayle King and alluded to their possible romantic involvement. The comedian said, "I'm too motherf***ing old to be scared of this bitch. I'm too old to be intimidated by this bitch. I'm too old to hold the motherf***ing truth."

Mo'Nique's hatred and beef with Oprah and Tyler Perry stems from the comedian believing she was blackballed by the powerful Hollywood figures. She claims she was blackballed after she refused to do press for her role in 2009's Precious. Over the years, the comedian has constantly attacked Oprah and Tyler, accusing them of attempting to ruin her career. On Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay podcast, Mo'Nique claimed to have a damming recording of Tyler Perry admitting to bad-mouthing her. Perry has denied those allegations. Overall, it is a giant mess, and Mo'Nique is dangerous with a microphone in her hand.


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