Charleston White Vs. Boosie: A Timeline Of Their Beef

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White’s not letting up on trolling Boosie in hopes of a response.

Clashes between artists and public figures are nothing new in hip-hop. But as often seen, when two distinct voices in the genre find themselves at odds, the results can be explosive. Such is the case with the ongoing feud between Charleston White and Boosie Badazz. This beef, which has left many perplexed, is still very much alive. However, through a wider lens, it’s pretty evident that White’s the one with a bone to pick. Boosie, on the other hand, continues to hold back, citing a return to prison as the reason. Let’s delve into the timeline of this contentious relationship between Charleston White and Boosie Badazz. 

October 2022: The Origins

The roots of the Charleston White and Boosie beef can be traced back to 2022. Boosie famously spoke out against Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” shirt, claiming that Ye was disrespectful towards Black people. At the time, the general public agreed with Boosie’s comments. However, Charleston White expressed his disapproval on social media regarding Boosie’s remarks about Kanye. 

In a long post, Charleston White also brought up Boosie’s 19-year-old son, Tootie Raww, along with T.I.’s 18-year-old son, King Harris. “I hate you, Boosie, and I don’t like your lil’ ugly-ass son neither, lil’ Tootie Raww,” he began. “He’s going to jail. Yeah, that lil’ boy going to jail. His lil’ bitch-ass going to jail. Lil’ Tootie Raww thinks he’s tougher than a motherfucker... Boosie, your boy don’t know how to fight. Neither do that lil’ T.I. lil’ yellow motherfucker.”

Soon after, during an interview with Tony The Closer, Boosie responded to White’s comments about his son. Choosing his words wisely, he stated: “I ain't really got no opinion, because you know my opinion can send me to prison. Once you go to threaten people kids? I ain't the one gonna do all that. Certain people, you can't really express opinions on him.”

March 2023: Charleston White Has Boosie’s Son Arrested

The feud between Charleston White and Boosie Badazz reached a new level when White publicly criticized T.I.’s Paperwork Party event at the rapper’s Trap City Café. White, who had been driving by, trolled the event and threatened to mace T.I. Following this incident, Boosie’s son, Tootie, allegedly messaged White and insulted him. “Look bruh, shut your old, messy *ss up. You too old for that shit. Your *ss need to go get in the f**kin’ bed, you bitch. Stop speaking on us, you mothaf**ka. I hope you fuckin’ die.”

Matching his energy, and going a bit further, White responded with: “I hope your daddy die, n**ga, from that diabetes, I hope China don’t send the insulin over here one month. I hope your daddy die, n***a. His organs weaker than mine with that diabetes.”

Later that month, Tootie was arrested by the police after he was found with drugs and guns. He spent a day in jail before being bailed out by T.I.’s son, King. Charleston White jumped on Instagram Live and confessed to reporting Tootie to the police. “I'm the one who had the police lock him up,” he said. “I sent his picture to the Department of Public Safety of the Texas state trooper. I said, ‘Y'all be on the lookout for these boys they gonna have drugs and guns.’ So, they was on the lookout for Tootie. His dad is a six-time convicted murderer who uses children to kill people.  So, they had they eyes wide open for that little Black ass motherf**ker."

June 2023: Charleston White Trolls Boosie 

In June, Boosie was also arrested by federal agents. This was following his court appearance in San Diego, for his local gun case which had previously been dismissed. After his arrest, Charleston White took to Instagram Live and went on an extensive tirade, laughing at Boosie's legal woes and suggesting he got what he asked for. “Now, God done also gave you what you asked for,” he said. “You want to be a hero to the streets? You want to be a hero to the ghetto? So, God needs a Daniel. And who better to play Daniel than you? Remember, Daniel had to go in the lions’ den and show everybody that God is real and he don’t get ate up by the lions. God done chose you to play Daniel for us, Boosie.”

December 2023: Boosie’s Response

Months after his arrest, Boosie Badazz made an appearance on VladTV, where he spoke up about White. He also revealed that he had asked VladTv not to interview White because of all the comments he had made about Tootie. Once again, Boosie claimed he was not scared of White, but was refraining from addressing him so he would stay out of jail. “I can't take a chance of getting involved with that. I seen him on some shit, he gonna call somebody… I'm trying to stay free, man.” 

March 2024: The Adin Ross Debacle

Kicking off the month of March, DJ Vlad and Adin Ross somehow managed to find themselves entangled in the Charleston White vs. Boosie situation. Ross was originally supposed to welcome Boosie on his platform. However, the rapper was uninterested in partaking in a stream alongside Charleston White, and refused to take the bait. Soon after, Ross allegedly twisted the narrative and claimed that he turned down Boosie’s offer to appear on the stream, citing his loyalty to White as his reason.

Before it was revealed that Ross reportedly manipulated the story, DJ Vlad didn’t take the news of Ross turning Boosie down well. In fact, Vlad spoke out against Ross, calling him out on his bias, despite White’s previous comments about him, as well as Jewish people as a whole. “So @adinross, who is Jewish, canceled his livestream with @BOOSIEOFFICIAL because of his loyalty to Charleston White,” he began. “This is after Charleston White said he loves Hitler and the Holocaust was fake. Adin is lame as f-ck for this. F-ck Adin Ross.”

Charleston White Strikes Again

Still in March, Charleston White came for Boosie once again. White claimed that Boosie allegedly warned a club promoter not to book him, insinuating that dire consequences would follow for both the promoter and White. However, while White had no evidence to prove the interaction, he still threatened to call the FBI on Boosie and get him sent to jail. “I’ve already contacted law enforcement concerning these possible threats against my life. Boosie, I'ma put your muthafuckin ass in jail, nigga. You making threats to the promotor? I got a recorded phone conversation with witnesses on the phone saying the promotor is scared for his life that he got to live in Baton Rouge, that Boosie gon' send them people to get you. You finna go to jail. You gon' be on your knees. Them knees gon' be bleeding again, diabetic freak.” Boosie is yet to make a response to White’s claims.

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