Logan Paul Reveals Rejected Fight With Mike Tyson, Calls Boxing Legend "Senile"

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Jake Paul v Andre August
ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 15: Logan Paul is seen in the ring as his brother Jake Paul takes on Andre August during the Jake Paul v Andre August at the Caribe Royale Orlando on December 15, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

Paul has sided with his PRIME partner KSI in bashing his brother's upcoming fight.

Logan Paul has revealed on his podcast that he rejected a fight with Mike Tyson. "He's too old. He's senile," Paul reasoned. The news comes just under a week after Netflix revealed that Logan's brother Jake would be fighting Tyson in July. Interestingly, Jake Paul had also previously spoken about not wanting to fight Tyson. "Look, I'm confident, but I'm not stupid. I would not go into the ring with them. Nah, no chance," the then 2-0 boxer told TMZ in 2020.

“Mike Tyson is one of the biggest icons in boxing history and Jake Paul is one of the biggest disruptors in boxing history. Saturday, July 20 will be pure drama in the ring in Texas. We are thrilled to partner with Most Valuable Promotions for this historic event and we can’t wait for these two to face off for fans all across the world on Netflix," said Gabe Spitzer, VP of Sports Nonfiction at Netflix. The event will be the latest sports offering from the streaming giant. There has been previously been the Netflix Slam for tennis and the Netflix Cup for an F1/PGA crossover.

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Logan Paul Emotionally Recalls The Rock Dropping Him After Infamous Japan Video

Elsewhere, Logan recently bared his heart on his podcast, telling John Cena about the impact that the Rock dropping him had on his psyche. "I knew I let my family down. I knew I let my fans down. But letting my idol down? That really hurt," Paul explained, the emotion in his voice tangible. What hurt even more, Paul explained, is that prior to The Rock dropping, the pair had been close and Paul considered the wrestler and actor a genuine acquaintance.

According to Paul, the inciting incident for The Rock dropping him was his infamous 2017 Japan vlog. Paul and his friends, who had been traveling Japan, decided to visit and film in Aokigahara, also known as the "Suicide Forest" due to the high rate of suicides that take place there. As part of Paul's vlog, which was uploaded to his YouTube channel, he filmed a recently deceased individual that he and his friends encountered. While Paul had been controversial prior to the video, the vlog was one of the first incidents that defined Paul as one of the site's most divisive creators. And from what Paul has now revealed, it appeared to cost him a relationship with one of his heroes.

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