Harry Fraud Talks “The Coast” Mixtape, Features From Chinx & Prodigy

Harry Fraud opens up on his latest tape and its notable features.

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Harry Fraud Talks “The Coast” Mixtape, Features From Chinx & Prodigy

Just before Christmas, Harry Fraud dropped off his 13-track mixtape, The Coast, that featured a heavy roster of artists that ended 2017 off on the perfect note.

Harry recently dropped by the HNHH headquarters to break down some real words on some unfortunate passings of Prodigy and Chinx and what it was like to work with them. 

Speaking on the Prodigy featured track "Lifestyle Of A Thug"Harry says the single was recorded a year or two ago when they were building a project together. "He was just a very real, down to earth guy. He would come sit with us, go through beats, sit there take his time, write it, really focus," he explains. When Harry delivered the final beat to Prodigy for him to write and lay down his verse, he describes his delivery as something special.

"When I heard that one, it had that texture in his voice. It's like Prodigy - he's always dope, but it's a certain texture he hits in his voice like a timber that kind of reminds you of Infamous or Hell On Earth when he sounded a lil crazy," he explains. "Me and P really got a lot of music, there's stuff getting worked on that's not my place to talk about it."

He says what he appreciated most about P, was the fact that he would just call him to check in and make sure all was well.

"For me, stuff like that...that means that world. This is somebody I idolize, you know what I'm saying, to calll me up to big me up." Watch the rest of the interview with Harry where he goes even further on his beat making process.

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