Adin Ross Turns Down YBN Nahmir Fight Offer, Shades Rapper

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Ross said the rapper wasn't "worth 10 bands."

Adin Ross has rejected a $100,000 fight request from rapper YBN Nahmir. “Nahmir, you’re not worth $100,000. You fell off, you suck at music. You failed your music career. I’ve got no disrespect to show, but that. Nahmir, you’re nothing. You’re nobody and your career sucks. He wanted 100 bands to fight. You are nowhere near 100 bands. And again, Kick paid Carti $2 mill. Hey, at least I got $2 mill to pay. You’re broke, f-ck you!” Ross said on stream.

However, Nahmir didn't take the shade lying down. “Don’t at me in no f-cking sh-t if you’re talking sh-t, because you gon’ get smacked in your f-cking mouth for it. You can hire all the security that you want to. It’s not going to work like that. Don’t disrespect my name and act like, ‘No disrespect, no disrespect!’ Shut the f-ck up, n-gga! How the fuck you talk sh-t then cop a plea in the same f-ckin’ video?” Nahmir retorted.

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Adin Ross Denies Sex Tape Allegations

However, this is just the latest scandal that Ross is involved in. Ross recently denied that a viral leaked sex tape is his. "That's not my sex tape, you weird a--, f-ggot a-- motherf-ckers. That's not me," Ross said when showed a clip from the video. However, fans have continued to call cap on Ross' claims, arguing that the man in the now-viral video is absolutely the streamer. Despite this, the reports remain unsubstantiated until proven otherwise.

Of course, this is far from the only scandal Ross has been involved in regarding claims on the internet. A few weeks ago, Ross claimed he was the subject of a bounty. "As soon as I clear it with my lawyer, I'm exposing everything. Come and get me. F-cking put money on my head? You're gonna get a refund. Even if you do put money on my head, I'll go ten times harder. I'm rich, I'm richer than you. Try to put money on my head? It's gonna be way worse. It's not cringe, it's real sh-t. If motherf-ckers want to take my life, I'm gonna make sure they know who took my life," Ross claimed. Ross did not specify who was threatening him with a bounty. Furthermore, Ross' comments imply that someone is merely threatening to place a bounty on his head but has not yet done so.

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