With the holidays right around the corner, it looks like 2 Chainz is bringing back the signature “dabbing” Santa this year. Two years ago, the ATL veteran raked in over $2 million dollars for the brilliant holiday-themed sweater, some of which went to fundraisers & others in need, and he hasn’t looked back since. Looking to duplicate its success and do it all over again this Winter, 2 Chainz just rolled out the new line of Dabbing Santa’s line, and there looks to be some minor changes from last year.

Not only is the “Ju Ju On The Beat” sweater removed this year’s options, but so is the “Sauce Santa” print sweater as well. Aside from those two though, everything else looks to be the same. The original dabbing Santa sweater is available, in both the black & white versions of Santa, and so is the hilarious “Hit Dem Folks” sweater with Santa doing the dance move in the process. In addition to that, he also made a dabbing “Mrs.” Claus sweater for the ladies to represent, which might be new this year?

The sweaters are relatively cheap too, ranging from $25-$30 dollars all day, but they also include an autographed sticker bundle as well. However, they do note that they’re not being shipped till November 17th, so you might have to wait a few weeks to receive it. So you better act rather quickly if you want them before Christmas.

2 Chainz made the announcement Friday on his Instagram page, showing off the new sweaters and leaving the caption… “Back at it for this holiday, wanna impact n make a cpl folks holiday Special!!! call me Trap 🎅🏾 …hit da Link In Bio.”

Check out 2 Chainz’s announcement (below) and be sure to cop your sweater over at his webshop right here if interested.


2 Chainz

2 Chainz Is Back Selling The Dabbing Santa Sweaters This Winter