J. Cole Curves Artist Who Threw Demo Tape Onstage

According to J. Cole, "USB is okay" in 2024.

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Last week, Drake and J. Cole finally kicked off their It’s All a Blur — Big As The What? tour with a performance in Tampa. Already, the duo is making headlines for their tour outfits, props, announcements, and more. Of course, their onstage antics have also gotten quite a bit of attention. In a new clip, for example, J. Cole reacts to an audience member throwing their demo tape at him, which crashed onto the stage and burst out of its case.

An audible gasp is then heard from the rest of the crowd, though J. Cole just calmly walked past the CD, later kicking it off the stage. “N***a threw his demo up here,” he said. “It’s 2024, n***a. USB is okay.” While some critical commenters think he should've given the demo a listen, others suspect that J. Cole just didn't want to trip over it during the show.

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J. Cole Says "USB Is Okay"

Many also note that there are better ways to promote your music these days, even though J. Cole himself is no stranger to handing out demos. In a 2009 interview with ABC News, he recalled making beats that he brought to the Roc the Mic studio in NYC in hopes of landing on Jay-Z's album, American Gangster. “Maybe we could just slide him the CD and if we slide him the CD, he’ll go upstairs and listen to it, and if he listens to it, he’s gonna love it and he’s gonna send down, you know, for me to come upstairs and he’s probably going to sign me — or whatever was in my head,” he explained.

Eventually, Jay-Z pulled up after J. Cole had waited in the rain for hours. He got the chance to hand his CD to Hov, who promptly told him, “Man, I don’t want that.” What do you think of a fan throwing their demo tape onstage during the It’s All a Blur — Big As The What? tour? What about J. Cole's response? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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