Last night, Hopsin delivered his new album No Shame, a project he has previously described as his “best album.” And with a new project comes a new installment of “Ill Mind,” which Hop fans have come to appreciate for containing some of the rapper’s most personal, introspective, and scathing lyrics. In the ninth chapter of the saga, Hopsin channels his inner Eminem-circa-1999 for an emotional open letter to his son, who is currently living with Hop’s baby mama in Australia. And while Hopsin does allude to the rift that ultimately led to the vast geographical distance, much of the backstory can be found on one of the rapper’s Instagram posts from back in January:

“That one time when I was a dumb ass nigga and bought an expensive ass ring for my petty 20 week pregnant ex and flew to Australia to propose, then found out she was being a hoe working at a strip club and sleeping with her gym trainer behind my back…then she dodged the paternity test 😭😭 then told the cops I beat her and I got kicked out of Australia when all I did was push her onto a damn bed from so much hurt and frustration 😭😭 so now, even if that kid is mine, currently Australia won’t let me in to see him. Im still I keep this 4 month old proposal ring in this hell box to fuel my hellish evil dark inspiration for this new album. Fuck all that swag rap shit…I wanna thank the gold diggin, fake lip, silicone tit havin, plastic surgery faced slut for motivating me to make this great masterpiece album. I needed this! It’s definitely my best albuM FORSURE! 2 more songs left for me to compete, then we get the fireball rolling. Let’s go to hell together.” 

On “Ill Mind 9” Hopsin doesn’t hold back, and he proceeds to rip into his ex girlfriend without remorse. Check out the latest cut from No Shame right now, and sound off. Did Hopsin take it too far on this one? 

Quotable Lyrics

So how you liking Earth? Are you loving your existence?
I wasn’t at your birth, ’cause your mother made me miss it
I tried to get a visa, I applied and they denied it
‘Cause your momma told the police that I beat her, she was lyin’
And now I’m banned for something bad I ain’t even do
There’s a lot of land and water separating me and you