Hopsin recently delivered his new album No Shame, along with the ninth (and most personal) installment of Ill Mind Of Hopsin yet. In the song, Hopsin pens a letter to his estranged son, who is currently living with his mother in Australia. Lyrically, the track is highly personal, evocative, and emotional; a vulnerability that Hopsin isn’t afraid to confront in the studio.

In our new interview, Hop opens up about making the track, elaborating on the Slim Shady influence: “I definitely [on No Shame] used a lot of Eminem & D12-like inspiration. I went back and listened to a lot of their music because I felt like that was the stuff I came up on, and I felt I was losing that side of me…I went and bought all the D12 albums, all the Eminem albums all over again and I embedded it in my mind.” 

He also talks about another highly personal track – Joyner Lucas’ “I’m Not Racist,” which has been blowing up of late. “The Joyner Lucas record should be nominated [for a Grammy],” says Hop. “Next year, if it’s not…it’s bullshit.” For more from Hopsin, including his habit of FaceTiming women whilst taking a shit, oversharing, and an in depth breakdown of the Grammy nomination process, be sure to check out our interview in full.