Forget being trapped in the closet – R. Kelly seems to be trapped in a never-ending PR s**tstorm.

By now, most people will be familiar with his ongoing sex cult scandal, which began with the assertion that he was holding underage girls captive and exhibiting sexually deviant behavior in the process. The public outcry and increasingly disturbing allegations from sources in the media have led to his tickets sales plummeting while he’s currently in the midst of a tour, not to mention turning him into a national punchline where the hip-hop community is concerned. Does the situation get better from here for Kellz? Unfortunately, it may have gotten worse.

This morning, a tweet that was meant to tease a new upcoming track from Kelly was published via the social media platform. Normally, this would be all well and good – even in the face of such a scandal, he may have been able to deflect some of the negative attention away from his less-than-honorable activity (none of which has been proven in a court of law by a prosecutor as of yet). However, a poor choice of wording has caused the Internet to use the singer as a tackling dummy once again. See for yourself below, via a screencap taken from a Complex report:

R. Kelly Uses Ill-Advised Tweet To Tease New Music

I’m not quite sure how this one slipped through the cracks with whomever deals with Kelly’s presence online, but this would be classified as a rather egregious error. Unsurprisingly, Twitter users wasted no time letting the barbs fly in what was a flurry of digital hilarity.

Laughter aside, we’re at a point where anything that’s even remotely related to Kelly or his past is being brought up again and seen in a new light. For example, if you thought his relationship with Aaliyah was kind of icky before, that feeling has surely been amplified with the most recent updates to his never-ending PR debacle. RIP to any statement he wants people to take seriously, about anything.

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Uses Ill-Advised Tweet To Tease New Music