Yesterday, Drake University celebrated the one-year anniversary of what was a milestone in their school’s history: Drake gracing their campus.

As per the Des Moines Register, the Canadian rapper made his way to the school that bears his name in 2016, visiting the institution in the early morning hours after playing to a rabid crowd of 13,000-plus fans at the Wells Fargo Arena. The university, which is located in Des Moines, Iowa, shared a picture on their Instagram page commemorating the moment when the Canadian rapper first set feet on their campus. About 20 or so minutes later, Drizzy responded with this message: “Be back soon.” Of course, this sent the followers of the Drake University social media page into a fit of excitement, with a multitude of users practically begging him to come back to their school. Time for a commencement address invite? Better yet, get Aubrey hooked up with one of those honorary degrees? Just throwing out there, but seriously – the interest is mutual. Drake University needs to get on this immediately.

Speaking of over-the-top Drake fans, his dad Dennis may have just proved himself to be unmatched when it comes to public displays of affection for Drake the rapper. According to the report that we shared last week, Mr. Graham apparently got a large tattoo of his son’s face on his right shoulder, with TMZ sharing the picture of the final product. While it may seem a little narcissistic to get your offspring’s mug etched into your skin, when that offspring is Drake and worth the amount of money that he’s pulled in over the course of his hip-hop career, you can appreciate where the emcee’s dad is coming from.

There’s also the murmurs that Drizzy may be following up his 2011 album Take Care with a sequel of sorts. Even bigger news is that, based on some social media hints to support this theory, Drake may be enlisting the talents of fellow Canadian The Weeknd on a future cut from this project. There’s no indication that anything is imminent in terms of more music from Drake necessarily, but with pictures of him recording new material in Toronto made public already, there’s no denying that something is on the way.


Drake To Drake University: "Be Back Soon"