Today (September 12th) was a massively exciting day for any fans of Apple’s line of products. We previously gave a rundown of all the details that were made public about the iPhone 8, iPhone X, the new Apple Watch series 3 and the new Apple TV, which will support 4K UHD playback. Amid all that excite were a couple of little nuggets of hip-hop love that the company worked into its presentations, which were the first ones to take place inside the Steve Jobs theater, an extravagant new tech palace that resides on Apple’s campus in California. The subjects of the special shout outs were two of the year’s biggest rappers: Tyler, The Creator and Wale.

While the different keynote speakers shared the details about the various products on display, the projector displayed the album covers of both Tyler and Wale’s most recent releases. While the iPhone 8 presentation was going on, a model phone on the screen displayed Tyler’s “Enjoy Right Now, Today” track, as an example of something that was playing in Apple Music. The song comes from his Flower Boy release, which received nearly universal praise upon its debut earlier this summer.

Wale also popped up during the major event at Apple, when his song “My Love” was displayed in a mock Apple Music playlist on one of the new Apple Watch models, which will be able to stream music from your phone through the service. The track, which has become one of the rappers most popular anthems, is off of the previously released Shine album, an LP that also dropped earlier this year. If it’s a look inside what the developers and powers that be at Apple are routinely listening to at the office or at home, I definitely approve.

If you’re looking to see Tyler, The Creator in concert, you can find a list of his upcoming tour dates here.

See how Tyler and Wale were incorporated into the 2017 Apple Keynote in the photos below.

Tyler The Creator

Tyler, The Creator & Wale Featured In Apple Event Presentation