More news is coming out about the death of Playboy founder and all-around legend Hugh Hefner, who left us last week at the age of 91. While rumors may have been initially skeptical, TMZ has revealed that, contrary to what some believed, Hef’s wife Crystal Harris stood by her man until the very end.

The report states that sources inside the Playboy inner circle were pleasantly surprised when Harris didn’t dip as the mogul become older and increasingly frail – instead, she was constantly a source of support for him as his health declined sharply before his eventual death. Some are actually calling Harris, 31, a “pillar of strength.” She married Hef in 2012, when she was 26.

Crystal was supposedly at Hefner’s side for each and every doctor’s appointment, as well as the one who coordinated movie and game nights at the mansion to help keep his spirits as high as possible. After Hef was placed on regular bed rest, Crystal was always by his side. His family was initially concerned that, as he got closer to the end, she’d cease being around him as much. However, she wowed those initial doubters with her attentiveness, and now the family is “immensely grateful” for her vigilant efforts.

Hefner hooked his bride up with some seriously sweet digs and $5 million long before he passed away, ensuring that his boo would be taken care of long after he would be gone. According to previous information provided from TMZ, Hef bought her a 5,900 square foot house for Harris back in 2013, located in the Hollywood Hills and looking every bit like a modern, state-of-the-art property. It has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and an infiniity pool. Also, as part of their prenup that they both signed before getting married in 2012, Hefner’s estate is leaving Harris with the lump some of $5 million, so she’ll definitely have nothing to worry about going forward.

Many celebrities paid their respects to Hugh Hefner after his passing, but no hip-hop artist provided a more in-depth tribute than Playboi Carti, who previewed a possible new song that he made to pay homage to the entertainment icon. Check that out here.

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Hugh Hefner's Wife Crystal Harris Was By His Side Until The End