Rick Ross Lookalike Fools Fan On Vacation

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A New Era In Florida Gaming Event At Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 07: Rapper Rick Ross attends the New Era In Florida Gaming Event at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood on December 07, 2023 in Hollywood, Florida. (Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Fans dubbed the doppelganger Ross' "Temu" version.

A Rick Ross fan has gone viral after she posted a video with a lookalike of the rapper, thinking she had met the real deal. The young woman posted a TikTok with the man, proudly proclaiming to have met Ross. However, she was quickly schooled by the internet, who bluntly informed her that she had met a doppelganger, and not the actual rapper.

People joked that she had the "Temu" version of Ross. "Is she legally blind?" asked another skeptical Instagram user. "This is terrible, lol. These ppl be loud and wrong how can you not see the differences in distinction? All black ppl do not look the same. 😖," a less forgiving commenter added.

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Rick Ross And Meek Mill Discuss Conspiracy Theories

Are there secretly botched clones of Rick Ross running around the world? Of course not. However, it's that sort of conspiracy that Ross recently discussed with Meek Mill on an episode of Complex's "GOAT Talk". "I signed up for TikTok...I've being going down a rabbit hole every night before I go to sleep. I can't tell you if its Nikola Telsa...How the Pyramids were built...The Alaskan ice wall...I'm all over the place y'all," Meek began. "The aliens...the Greys...I'm on a journey at nighttime." However, Ross hit him with an old classic in response. "The GOAT conspiracy theory...Everybody been on my DMs the last two months about being on Star Isle. So it's the Illuminati." The pair then joked about both being in the Illuminati.

Now everyone knows about the Illuminati but what f-ck is Meek on about? By "Nikola Telsa", he's like referring to free energy suppression. This is a theory that Telsa invented a source of free perpetual energy that was then suppressed by Thomas Edison and the US government. Meanwhile, many people believe that the Pyramids were built by aliens or a forgotten mega-civilization that lived at the end of the age of the last ice age. Finally, "Alaskan ice wall" is a sub-conspiracy of the Flat Earth. It argues that the flat earth is ringed by a giant, impassable wall of ice.

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