Kai Cenat Trolls Rubi Rose With Temu Birkin Bag

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TwitchCon 2022 San Diego
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 07: Kai Cenat attends TwitchCon 2022 on October 07, 2022 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images)
Cenat continues to insist to his influencer friends that he really bought them Birkins.

Kai Cenat has continued his charade of pretending that he has bought Rubi Rose a genuine Birkin bag. The streamer called up the rapper and influencer to show her the bag while he was live. Rose appeared skeptical, saying she knew it was from Temu. However, Cenat insisted it was real and appeared to get Rose to believe him. Despite this, Cenat laughed giddily and slapped his desk multiple times after ending the call, confirming the bag was indeed a fake.

The ruse was put in motion a few weeks ago when Cenat hit up Rose, Corinna Kopf, and Pokimane with the offer to buy them all Birkin bags. However, while talking to the three women, he was simultaneously showing his stream chat his screen, which was on the dropshipping website Temu. It's unclear if the three women are in on the joke or are victims of Cenat's prank.

Offset Explains Dropping Out Of Kai Cenat Prison Stream

Elsewhere, Offset recently explained why he abruptly pulled out of appearing in Cenat's recent week-long prison livestream. “I didn’t do the jail thing because I really had to think about it. I really come from that. It’s really bros and homies struggling with that. It’s not really a game, it’s a serious thing. I understand content. I salute it, but I just couldn’t be a part of that content because if ya’ll remember, I come from jail. I know how it feels. It ain’t the right feeling. I got real homies that can’t get out ever. So I didn’t want to make a mockery of them. My world and [Cenat’s] world are different," he told The Morning Hustle.

However, Cenat has not been a fan of the criticism about his livestream. "Y'all n-ggas just going off the clips you saw. But were you there when we brought in the baddest kids in the community and sat down and spoke to them? What about the thousand times I said 'hey this is bad, I don't wanna be here'? Or me waking up at 6am shivering, back hurt, eating wack-ass food, saying this is why you don't want to be here," Cenat argued on a November stream.


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