NBA YoungBoy "Loves" Joe Budden, Claims Beef Was Just "Entertainment"

"Don't take us too serious," YB says.

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During a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Budden shared his thoughts on NBA YoungBoy, and didn't hold back whatsoever. He claimed that the rapper's music is "trash," prompting a heated response from YB and his fans. "Don't speak on me. I don’t play that sh*t. Don't rat on me neither, you p*ssy b*tch," he responded.

"St*pid d*mb b*tch," he continued. "Yo d*ck don't get even hard no more, clown-ass n***a. Ain't no sabotaging me, b*tch. F*ck wrong wit that n***a, mayne? Don't rat on me. I don't want to argue with ya b*tch ass, n***a. B*tch, you do all them interviews, come on to Gravedigger Mountain and talk to me, n***a. B*tch, if you can't do that, mayne, hey, you b*tch-made n***a. Shut your f*kin' mouth!"

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NBA YoungBoy On Joe Budden Beef

Obviously, YB wasn't too pleased with the personality's comments, and neither were his fans. He was accused of only bringing up the rapper for clout and more. Budden did later admit that he might have gone too hard on the 24-year-old, however. "I owe him an apology," Budden explained during another podcast. "He don't even bother nobody." It seems as though the two of them have managed to patch things up if there was ever a problem, based on a recent clip shared by YB. In the clip, the rapper is seen trotting around Gravedigger Mountain on horseback.

According to him, the entire spat was staged to promote an interview. "Joe Budden, I love you bro," he says. "They ain't understand our plot twist. It was strictly for [us] to do an interview after that. Tell 'em don't take us too serious. Everything entertainment, man." What do you think of NBA YoungBoy claiming that his beef with Joe Budden was nothing but entertainment? Do you think he's telling the truth? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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