Earlier this week, Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe pulled out a Black & Mild “victory cigar” during a taping of their Monday program to celebrate the Denver Broncos’ Week 4 win over the Oakland Raiders. 

Upon popping the Black & Mild in his mouth, Sharpe had the following exchange with his co-hosts Joy Taylor and Skip Bayless.

Sharpe: If your team won, you can enjoy me with a victory cigar.

Bayless: You smoke cigars?

Taylor: You’re calling Black and Milds cigars now?

Sharpe: I be on them Milds! I be on them milds with that yac hard yesterday.

Taylor: Shannon, this is very off brand. I’m just going to say that.

Sharpe: Joy, first of all, if your team did not score a point yesterday, please do not touch the victory cigar!

Taylor: I think by not smoking the Black and Milds, I’m actually…

Bayless: Where did you buy those at? Rite Aid?

Sharpe: Hold on, first of all, Skip, why you be on me on these Milds? Cause I be on these Milds and Henn Dawg and now y’all got problems with me. Let me celebrate!

It was a hilarious moment that had twitter buzzing, which is exactly what Sharpe intended. What he may not have excepted was for his comments to be mashed up into a music video. But that’s exactly what happened and it is phenomenal. 


Sharpe’s beloved Broncos have a bye this weekend so, unfortunately, there won’t be any victory Black & Milds on next Monday’s show. Denver returns to the field in Week 6 with a Sunday Night matchup against the Giants at MetLife Stadium. 

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Shannon Sharpe's "Milds & Yac" Comment Gets Hilarious Remix