Lil Wayne Drops Hints About Wanting To Headline Super Bowl 2025 Halftime Show In New Orleans

He wants to make sure his name is considered.

BYTallie Spencer
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In the latest episode of Apple Music's Young Money Radio, Lil Wayne left fans buzzing with excitement as he dropped some subtle hints about his desire to headline the Super Bowl 2025 halftime show in his hometown of New Orleans. During a candid and in-depth conversation with Tyga, the Grammy-winning rapper didn't hold back in expressing his interest in taking the stage at one of the most-watched events in the world. With the Super Bowl set to grace the vibrant city of New Orleans in 2025, Lil Wayne made it abundantly clear that he envisions himself as the ideal performer for the halftime extravaganza. "Super Bowl in New Orleans is coming up too," Wayne casually mentioned, seizing the moment to plant the seed of his aspiration.

"I'm from New Orleans; I'm just letting them know," he added. He's hinted at a potential call from the NFL to grace the grand stage. The prospect of Lil Wayne headlining the Super Bowl halftime show in 2025 brings forth a blend of hometown pride and musical catalog. Moreover, New Orleans, a city deeply entrenched in music and culture, would undoubtedly be the perfect backdrop for Lil Wayne to showcase his iconic repertoire to a global audience. Lil Wayne's influence on the hip-hop scene and his contributions to the music industry make him a great candidate for such a monumental performance.

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Lil Wayne Is From New Orleans

However, Wayne has been an artist who has consistently pushed boundaries, leaving a memorable mark on the rap landscape. A Super Bowl halftime show headlined by the New Orleans native promises to be a memorable celebration of not only football but also the rich musical heritage of the city. As fans eagerly await any official announcement from the NFL, social media has already lit up with speculation and excitement. The idea of Lil Wayne gracing the Super Bowl stage has sparked conversations about potential surprise guests, setlists, and the overall spectacle that the rapper could bring to the halftime show.

"If lil Wayne does the Super Bowl in 2025..... it's up lol," one person commented. "A Weezy halftime show would be ICONIC," another wrote. "Nahhh we need that tunechi halftime show for NOLA would be iconic," said someone else. Whether or not Lil Wayne's hints materialize into a confirmed booking, the mere idea of him taking the Super Bowl 2025 stage in New Orleans is enough to set the entertainment world abuzz. As the anticipation builds, fans can't help but envision a halftime show that transcends expectations. Would you want Weezy F baby to perform in NOLA for Super Bowl? Let us know your thoughts on HNHH!

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