Royce Reed Says Dwight Howard Was "Freaky" But Didn't Know He's Bisexual

Amid his ex's new comments on their relationship, the basketball player told folks that they should pray for their enemies.

BYGabriel Bras Nevares
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Dwight Howard is at the center of a lot of discussion right now, both for his alleged sexual misconduct and for revelations about his sexuality. In fact, with each passing week, it gets harder to identify which one fans are more interested in, which is quite the sad reality. Nevertheless, a lot of ink's been spilled on not just his current day-to-day, but also how this adds context to past relationships of his. One example is Royce Reed, the mother of the basketball star's first child, who recently told VladTV of their past. Overall, she suggested that she was able to identify some of these patterns that people are harping on today during their time together, but that others caught her mostly by surprise in this media firestorm.

"Um, I knew he was freaky," Royce Reed said of Dwight Howard when asked about his sexual orientation by DJ Vlad. She spoke a lot of their bond concerning these revelations. "I didn't know that he liked to be with men. But I knew he was freaky. There were certain things that, you know, he would want to do that I would decline. But, again, back then, I'm thinking, like, 'Are people really doing this?' You know, I'm not there yet!"

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Royce Reed Speaks On Her Former NBA Partner: Watch

Meanwhile, Dwight Howard recently shared one of his many statements amid this chaos with a bizarre but admirable sentiment. "Pray for your enemies," Dwight Howard expressed to his viewers during a recent IG Live session as he played gospel music. "Pray for the people that spitefully use you. Don't be like them and say mean things to them. Because what would make you any different? The way that you show them a better way is not doing and being how they were being. And that's hard, that's a test of your faith right there.

Dwight Howard Wants Folks To "Pray For Their Enemies": Watch

"I done seen some comments, I done heard some cr*zy things from the people that I thought loved me," he concluded. "From friends, from family, a lot. But it was a test of my faith to see what I was gonna do. If I was gonna turn around and be negative back at them. I can't do that, I don't even know how to do that. Because I will never get blessed that way. When you see people having issues and problems, don't think that they did bad stuff. It's always a test to see how you will overcome the enemy, the adversary, Satan, the devil... Whatever you wanna call it, it's a test of your faith. You're always going to have an adversary, you always gonna have an opp." For more news on Dwight Howard and Royce Reed, stay posted on HNHH.

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