Dwight Howard Shares Statement On Sexual Assault Allegations

According to Howard's legal team, his recent lawsuit "was merely about money and greed."

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Over the summer, Dwight Howard was sued for alleged battery and sexual assault of a male model named Stephen Harper. Harper claims that he traveled to Howard's house to participate in a threesome. According to him, there was a man dressed like a woman named Kitty there when he arrived, who he didn't know would be involved. He also alleges that upon deciding that he no longer wanted to participate, Howard performed oral sex on him without consent, and forced him to reciprocate.

Howard confirmed that he and Kitty did meet with Harper to have sex, however, he insists everything that happened was consensual. Another one of Howard's alleged former sexual partners has come forward since, corroborating Harper's claims. According to influencer and author Masin Elije, Howard has a history of sexual misconduct. "He goes to sex parties and preys on younger men, which is why he originally why he threatened, forced, and tried to intimidate me into signing a NDA," Elije alleged. Elije also claims that Kitty harassed them in 2018.

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Dwight Howard Denies The Allegations

Now, Howard's legal team has shared a statement about the lawsuit, denying the allegations. They claim that the suit was only filed in attempts to receive a payout. “This is a civil case that was made public for profit," the statement begins in part. "In this case, the accuser is solely suing Dwight Howard and has refrained from suing the other party in which he claims to be involved. It is important to know that these matters were NEVER about sexual assault. This was merely about money and greed."

"Such individuals, have made continuous attempts to elicit payment from Dwight," it also says. "This has resulted in intimidation of not only Dwight, his family and friends have also been targeted as well.” What do you think of Dwight Howard and his legal team's recent statement about his sexual assault allegations? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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