What Is Beyoncé's Best-Selling Song?

A monster ballad in Beyoncé’s catalog is on its way to a Diamond certification.

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When it comes to a powerhouse like Beyoncé, it’s a no-brainer that her catalog boasts hits. With decades of hard work, she has become one of the most revered musicians of the modern age. Evidently, with the kind of career she has, platinum certifications are a walk in the park. However, of all the songs in her catalog, there’s a particular gargantuan track that Beyonce fans cherish close to their heart.

On her third studio album, I Am… Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé showed off a more dynamic musical personality than ever before at the time. Furthermore, the project housed two monstrous songs: “Halo” and “Single Ladies,” both of which have since been certified 9x Platinum. However, the former proved to be a game-changer around the world.

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The World Felt "Halo"

As aforementioned, “Halo” has achieved a 9x Platinum certification by the RIAA, and is tied with “Single Ladies” as the most successful Beyoncé songs in the U.S. Evidently, it won’t take long for her to achieve two Diamond-certified hits. “Halo” was her longest-charting song until it was recently surpassed by “Cuff It.” Also, on YouTube, the music video boasts 1.4 billion views and counting. "Halo" has been a mainstay throughout her performances with the exception of the recently concluded Renaissance World Tour.

However, where "Halo" has the commercial upper hand compared to "Single Ladies" is in its worldwide domination. In Australia, “Halo” is certified 12x Platinum, and is one of the most successful songs in the country’s chart history.  Furthermore, it has been certified 9x Platinum in Canada, 4x Platinum in the UK, and achieved a Diamond certification in Brazil. The single also enjoyed great success in Western Europe, particularly Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Overall, even though she has many massive songs in her discography, Beyoncé reached peak commercial success with “Halo.” 

Introducing Sasha Fierce

Alter-egos in music are nothing new, and for Beyoncé, the persona of Sasha Fierce was greatly welcomed by fans. I Am… Sasha Fierce was released on November 12, 2008, but was preceded by two singles. Firstly, the epic ballad, “If I Were A Boy” dominated the charts worldwide, and peaked at number three on the Hot 100. While this was not a new feat for Beyoncé songs, the success of the following single was definitely a paradigm shifter. 

Beyoncé has many signature songs, and “Single Ladies” is undoubtedly one of them. The up-tempo single became a groundbreaking moment in the artist’s career, earning major love at home and abroad. The third single released from I Am… was “Diva,” which enjoyed moderate success as well. Nonetheless, it was the fourth track, “Halo,” that further cemented Beyoncé's global icon status.

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“Halo”: A Landmark Beyoncé Track

Of all the songs Beyoncé has released, none have received the kind of overwhelming commercial success as “Halo.” The pop and R&B power ballad showcased the singer’s vocal prowess to great lengths. “Halo” was composed by Ryan Tedder and Evan Bogart, who also wrote the lyrics alongside Beyoncé. Production credits, however, belong solely to Tedder and Beyoncé. Moreover, with lyrics pointing to warm love, “Halo” wasted no time in achieving success. 

While it is often regarded as one of her hardest songs to sing, fans welcomed the relatable lyrics and soft, vulnerable side of the singer. Soon enough, it was evident that the rollout of her singles on the album relied on juxtaposition. For example, “If I Were A Boy” was soon followed by “Single Ladies,” and “Diva” was followed by “Halo.” Through this use of diverse singles, the essence of the alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, was perfectly captured. 


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