Sheff G, Nas EBK, And Smooky MarGielaa Perform At Rikers After Squashing Beef

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The video of the performance has quickly gone viral.

Sheff G, Nas EBK, and Smooky MarGielaa have reportedly squashed their beef after being seen performing at Rikers together. The video has quickly gone viral and spent a significant amount of time trending at #1 on Youtube. However, some have questioned the claims made by reporting outlets. "None of these guys ever had beef," one person noted on social media. Before his incarceration, Sheff had gone to some lengths to squash some beefs. However, it appears that he has continued that trend on the inside.

Sheff has been incarcerated since May of this year. He, along with 31 associates, was found guilty of several shooting incidents, including one murder, over the last two years. Meanwhile, NAS EBK was found guilty of first-degree murder back in March. Additionally, Smooky has been jailed since 2022 on a second-degree murder charge. However, we hope that their fellow prisoners at the notorious New York prison enjoyed the impromptu show.

Rot Ken Posts New Prison Photos

Someone else showing out from prison is Rot Ken. Ken, currently serving 20 years in prison for burglary, dropped some new photos showing off prison life. The small collection of images shows Ken chilling in his cell with another inmate. Furthermore, several images show Ken improvising a shiesty out of a white shirt. Additionally, several full-body images appear to show that Ken has drawn a custom Nike swoosh on his prison sandals.

As mentioned, Ken is currently doing a 20-year sentence for armed burglary. He was originally arrested back in June on a double murder charge dating back to April. However, he was sentenced to the two-decade stint on armed burglary charges dating back to 2021. Furthermore, he is ineligible for parole until 2032. That is if the June murder charges don't amount to any additional time behind bars. He is currently being held at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison. While Ken is only facing incarceration, the GDCSP is also home to Georgia's state execution chamber.


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