Keke Palmer Court Docs Allege Darius Jackson Nearly Hit Her With Car, Used Words Like "Sl*t" And "Wh*re"

Leodis' parents will have their day in court on December 5th.

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Life in the spotlight isn't easy, but even with all the pressure that comes with having millions of eyes on you at all times, Keke Palmer has always candidly shared the ups and downs of life with her followers. We were happy to see her bring a budding relationship with Darius Jackson into the public eye last year, and before long, the pair confirmed that she was expecting their first baby together. Leodis arrived in early 2023. He's giving plenty of joy to his parents, though their romance has since taken a dramatic turn.

Earlier in November, the Chicago-born actress filed for sole custody and a restraining order against Jackson, which a judge granted. In the documents submitted to the court, Palmer had plenty of evidence to support her alleged abuse, including footage from her home security from various instances that show her ex getting physical with her. From the sounds of things, Darius has some serious jealousy issues to work through, which resulted in him lashing out at the former Disney star for simply being herself.

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Keke Palmer Shares Chilling Details of Life with Darius Jackson

"If we were at a party or event, and I spoke with one person too long or looked at someone a ‘certain way,’ he would storm off in a rage — telling me I was [a] ‘sl*t’ and a ‘wh*re,’ accuse me of cheating on him, and that I did not love him," the mother of one wrote. Elsewhere, she claims that Jackson nearly hit her with his car while attempting to flee her home after assaulting her. Palmer and her co-parent are scheduled for a court appearance on December 5th, during which the personal trainer will have an opportunity to plead his case.

Darius Jackson seemed to think he was doing himself a favour in leaking audio of his phone call with Keke Palmer's mom. However, Sharon has clearly done her research, as she's now threatening to press charges against her grandson's father for failing to acknowledge that California is a state of consent. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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