James Wright Chanel Shares Video From Dental Office, Tamar Braxton Says She's Tired Of The Whole Ordeal

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The Great Xscape Tour - Los Angeles, CA
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 06: Singer James Wright Chanel performs onstage during the Great Xscape Tour at Microsoft Theater on January 6, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)
"And no I'm not going to show my face. My face is beat. It's tore up."

James Wright Chanel is continuing to break his silence following the alleged assault at Tamar Braxton's weekend concert. Furthermore, taking to Instagram Live, he provided a raw and emotional account of the incident, though he refrained from directly implicating Chrisean Rock. "My teeth have to be fixed and thats whats happening right now," he said while showing his view of a dentist office. "And no I'm not going to show my face. My face is beat. It's tore up. So right now I have to get teeth fixed that someone damaged. "I'm not gonna show my face, but I will show that I'm at the dentist getting my teeth fixed. I was attacked for no reason," he continued.

"I know I don't owe anyone anything," he said. "Enough with the blaming everyone else. People are accusing me of clout chasing, I don't need nobody's clout and I don't need clout from a negative source." In a different moment, he admitted getting emotional and revealed a conversation with a higher power. "I asked God, why did this happen to me. God said it wasn't about you," he shared, leaving viewers grappling with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the assault. However, he continued. "I don't know why me, but I'll tell y'all this. I'm getting emotional. I asked God, why did this happen to me? God said it wasn't about you." Moreover, Chanel has gotten an outpour of support from social media.

James Wright Chanel Is Speaking Out

However, as HNHH reported earlier in the day, Chanel also confirmed the rumors being true in a seperate IG live. "Chile, I was an innocent bystander," he said. "I don't know what be wrong with people, I really don't." As the controversy surrounding the alleged assault unfolded, Tamar Braxton took to Twitter to share her weariness of the whole ordeal.

"I’m tired y’all," she tweeted. "I don’t know about this pt2 tour. We are all hurting, and if I didn’t say anything I’m wrong. I said something & I’m lying. I’m tired." Tamar Braxton also disclosed that James Wright Chanel is undergoing a transformative dental journey in the aftermath of the incident. "Meanwhile, James is at the dentist getting new teeth." However, Braxton urged her followers to refrain from casting blame. "Y’all leave me alone. I was only trying to show CR love," she pleaded, referring to Chrisean Rock. "I still think she needs hugs and real people." Stay tuned for more updates as the situation develops.

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