Fabolous Unimpressed By Mural Of Him, Biggie, Jay-Z, And More

"We gotta knock this wall down," Fabolous says.

BYCaroline Fisher
2023 One Music Festival

A new clip of a man roasting a Brooklyn mural depicting various notable hip hop artists has gone viral. In the clip, the man highlights portraits of Jay-Z, Biggie, and more, mocking them for being unrealistic. Another artist depicted in the mural is Fabolous, but the man claims the portrayal doesn't do him any justice. "Is this really supposed to be Fabolous?" he asks, suggesting that the painting could be any number of people, including Soulja Boy.

As the clip continues to make its rounds, Fabolous chimed in earlier this week, seeming to agree with the commentary. He weighed in in the comments section of the clip, claiming that the whole thing ought to be destroyed. “Nah what block is this?" he wrote alongside a laughing emoji. "We gotta knock this wall down.”

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Fabolous Roasts Unrealistic Brooklyn Mural

Several fans also replied to Fabolous' comment, poking more fun at the mural. This isn't the only viral conversation the artist's chimed into as of late, however. During an interview last week, he spoke on DJ Envy's real estate scam allegations, claiming that he himself nearly invested. He recalled a phone call with the DJ, who sold it to him as a great opportunity to make some serious cash. According to him, he wasn't all too convinced, and he never wound up investing.

“He was tellin’ me about some real estate stuff,” he began. “I’m just a guy that gotta see things through a little bit more. I don’t just get hyped at … y’know, it be a lotta ‘get money’ — I don’t want to call it a scam or a scheme — but a lotta ‘get money’ ideas that come to you, so I just gotta see ’em through. So even with that phone call, I was like, ‘Aight,’ but I wasn’t like, ‘Sign me up, [who] do I give my money to?’ Y’know what I mean, and I didn’t really hear back from [him].” What do you think of Fabolous' reaction to the mural of him, Jay-Z, and Biggie? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more news.

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