Dillon Danis Continues To Defend Fight Performance Against Logan Paul

Danis fought an entirely different bout in his head, it seems.

BYBen Mock
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Dillon Danis continues to defend his dismal performance against Logan Paul. "I would of rather this fight someone to make a show and trade not run the whole time," Danis wrote on X. His remark was in response to an account asking how differently the fight would have gone if he had fought stand-in Mike Perry instead of Paul. Danis then doubled down on his claim after a combat sports commentator argued that Danis was the one running away during the fight. "Watch the fight I didn’t take one back step," Danis said in a since-deleted follow-up.

Danis landed just 16 punches during his six-round fight against Paul and only threw 70 punches total. Meanwhile, Paul threw 330 and landed 108 of them. Furthermore, the fight ended with little dignity for Danis. In the dying seconds of the final round, Danis appeared to attempt a guillotine choke on Paul. However, the maneuver failed and Danis simply ended up on the mat. This led to the intervention of security and the declaration of a disqualification loss for Danis.

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Danis Appeals The Fight Result

Furthermore, Danis recently appealed the result of the fight. It's unclear exactly what Danis is appealing, given he clearly met the threshold for a disqualification given his attempted illegal grab on Paul in the dying seconds of the fight. Additionally, given how thoroughly Paul was beating Danis at the time of the DQ, it's likely that the fight would be ruled a unanimous decision win for Paul.

Meanwhile, even Paul appeared confused by the news. "Embarrassing & desperate. What’s the appeal? He tried to take me down, failed. He tried to choke me out, failed. He didn’t even try to fight back, he just took his ass beating like a bitch. Dude really thinks he can handle everything online. He should just accept the loss like a man & move on with his pathetic life," Paul wrote on X, formerly Twitter, in response to the news. Over half of the DAZN Prime Card matches are currently under investigation for an appeal.

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