Soulja Boy Threatens "Complex" With Defamation Lawsuit

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Soulja Boy performs At Sapphire 60 New York
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 25: Soulja Boy performs at Sapphire 60 New York on September 25, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images)
Soulja took issue with the outlet's claims that his drip was fake.

Soulja Boy has threatened to sue Complex after taking issue with the media outlet claiming that "nearly everything" the rapper owns is fake. Soulja was named in the headline of an article about celebrities reportedly caught wearing fake designer labels. “Fuck Complex and fuck Complex Music. Y’all gon post on your page talking about Soulja Boy some shit I don’t know — everything he own is fake or some shit. I’m suing y’all n-ggas [for] defamation of character, bro. I went on Complex and bought shit for y’all. How the fuck is y’all on your platform trying to discredit me. But it’s all good. It ain’t nothing but a hater whoever run that page is a muthafuckin’ hater. But you gonna get the whole Complex sued for playing with my name, n-gga.

Furthermore, Soulja continued. “I ain’t bought nothing fake in my whole life. Fuck you talking about, n-gga? Even in that picture y’all showed I was wearing a $10,000 Gucci bandana, a $40,000 Superman chain. What is y’all talking about? $50,000 right there. Complex you some hoes. Y’all do that to Black people. Notice how they didn’t have one white person on there. Somebody screen talking about, ‘Everything Soulja Boy got is fake.’ Who the fuck run this page? Who wrote that? What type of shit is you on?”

Soulja Boy's Ex Seeks Alternate Streams Of Revenue To Pay Settlement

However, Soulja might not want to speak too loudly about his drip being legit. The rapper's ex, Kayla Meyers, recently filed a petition seeking new revenue streams from Soulja Boy as she seeks the fulfillment of a $500,000 settlement she won against the rapper in 2020. Soulja Boy was never criminally charged on counts of assault and kidnapping. However, a civil court eventually awarded Meyers $500,000. After Soulja Boy claimed earlier this year that he did not have the assets to pay the outstanding amount, Meyer has petitioned to receive the income from his royalties, his Twitch streaming revenue, and even the profits from this weed business.

Earlier this month, Soulja Boy was ordered to surrender his three cars as well as jewelry and cash over $1000. This came after he testified that he did not have the assets to pay off his outstanding debt. According to court testimony, Soulja does not own the house he lives in and owes the IRS over $1 million. The court is yet to rule on whether these new revenue streams proposed will be accepted. However, based on this week's precedents, it will be more than likely that they will be.


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