Chief Keef Reacts To Adin Ross Saying The N-Word While Rapping "I Don't Like"

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The rapper went out gambling with the streamer as a birthday surprise, and he essentially gave him a pass, it seems.

It seems like Chief Keef may have gotten a little more than what he bargained for during his birthday hangout with Adin Ross. Moreover, the streamer was celebrating his big day when the rapper pulled up to surprise him, and apparently they had a great time together. However, during his performance of "I Don't Like" at Adin's birthday party, he and the crowd got a pretty eyebrow-raising surprise. Well, actually, it wasn't too surprising for Sosa. To elaborate, he extended the microphone out to Ross, who was onstage with him, for the parts of the song's chorus that go "a snitch n***a, a b***h n***a," and so on.

In a move that may or may not get him a load of backlash, Adin Ross responded to Chief Keef's supposed prompt by saying the n-word. Then, the Chicago MC exclaimed excitedly and got even more turned up and excited as he kept "I Don't Like" going. Overall, it goes without saying that this can prompt a massive debate over who can say it, the circumstances behind it, and a whole lot more cans of worms. Still, it seems like Keef was okay with it, and while that's not an excuse, it also probably mitigated a stronger reaction to it.

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Adin Ross Crosses A Line (And Maybe Got A Pass From Sosa) During "I Don't Like"

Setting that bout of seemingly excused casual racism aside, it looks like the two really enjoyed the night. For example, Adin Ross and Chief Keef went out to gamble in Las Vegas, and you can see a lot of clips of their shenanigans down below. Apparently, they walked away with about $60K in winnings, so either there was good birthday luck or Sosa is a lucky charm of sorts. Either way, it seems like everything turned out to be a fun time for both.

Chief Keef & The Streamer Ball Out For Birthday Bash

Meanwhile, the drill pioneer isn't in fans' best graces right now, as he delayed his long-awaited and hyped project Almighty So 2 once again, this time all the way to mid-December of this year. Amid a scrapped full verse for Drake's For All The Dogs that divided listeners, die-hard Sosa fans are understandably peeved right now. It's great to see the 28-year-old enjoy his life... it's just a tad frustrating because he could be celebrating an album launch alongside a friend's birthday. Regardless, stay posted on HNHH for more news and updates on Chief Keef and Adin Ross.

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