Snoop Dogg-Voiced Spam Calls Land Company In Legal Turmoil

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Qiana Martin claims she's suffered “concrete harm” from the unsolicited calls.

Florida-based business management consultant Bottom Line Concepts has been hit with a lawsuit since they used Snoop Dogg's voice in attempts to lure customers. Qiana Martin and her legal team claim she has suffered “concrete harm” from unsolicited spam calls boasting Employee Retention Credit refunds. Martin is seeking a minimum of $500 per call she's received from the company, as well as the cost of her legal representation.

Depending on how things go and how many calls were placed, this could mean a major payday for Martin. Her team also says that she could be entitled to $1500 per call if they're able to prove that the company's actions were “knowing or willful.” The case has the potential to develop into a class action lawsuit, however, which lawyers claim would award each consumer the same payout if they win the case.

Woman Sues Over Unsolicited Phone Calls

"Slide on over to ERCENROLL.COM," a voicemail provided by Martin encouraged unsuspecting listeners. "Let them know Snoop Dogg sent you and watch the magic happen. It’s all about getting what’s yours, baby. ERCENROLL.COM. They’re the real deal and they got that fast-track hook up y’all. Snoop Dogg stamp of approval, baby." Snoop also added, "Peace out.”

Spam calling isn't the only new realm Snoop Dogg's gotten into lately. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg also announced that Meta will be launching a variety of A.I. chatbots based on several celebrity's personas. Paris Hilton, Tom Brady, MrBeast, and of course Snoop, each have their own chatbots under way. His bot is described as a "Dungeon Master," and encourages users to "choose [their] own adventure" with him. For now, fans will only get responses from A.I. Snoop in the form of text, but Zuckerberg says a voice feature could arrive as soon as 2024. What do you think of the lawsuit? Do you think it has the potential to also develop into a class action lawsuit? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Snoop Dogg.

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