Blueface's Mom Was "Kidding" About Megan Thee Stallion Having His Child

Karlissa Saffold says she didn't mean any disrespect towards Megan Thee Stallion or Jaidyn Alexis.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Recently, Blueface's mother, Karlissa Saffold, took to social media to make a suggestion for her son's next baby mother. She claimed that Megan Thee Stallion would be a good fit, though she managed to slightly diss the hitmaker in the process. "'Megan and Blue need to make a baby,'" a fan commented. "Yes, I don't know why y'all was trying to act like she too good for my son," Saffold then responded. "The b***h just got shot in the foot, come on now. Stop f***ing playing with me. My son ain't about to shoot her in no foot. He might shoot her in that a**, but he ain't gon' shoot her in the foot."

"Don't try to play my baby like Megan too good for my son," she went on. "B***h, the last n***a on push-ups right now. No offense! No offense, I mean, 'cause my son been to jail, I f**ks with people. You know, it's a serious situation. But right now, y'all trying to make it like my son ain't good enough for Megan. Do you see me?"

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Blueface's Mom Says She Meant No Disrespect

For obvious reasons, Saffold's suggestion raised a few eyebrows. Many fans found the way she seemed to make light of Meg's shooting to be disrespectful. Others thought it was disrespectful to the mother of his first two kids, Jaidyn Alexis. Now, Saffold's taken to social media again to clarify her statement, claiming that she didn't mean any disrespect.

"I WAS ONLY KIDDING AND RESPONDING TO SOMEONE TALKING ON MY LIVE," she wrote in an Instagram Story. "MY SON IS WITH HIS BM FROM 9TH GRADE. NO DISRESPECT TO @THEESTALLION WHO I LOVE OR MY SON AND BABY MOMMA HAVE A FABULOUS FRIDAY EVERYONE." What do you think of Blueface's mom clarifying her suggestion that her son get with Megan Thee Stallion? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Blueface, Jaidyn Alexis, and Megan Thee Stallion.

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