Lil Baby And Jayda Cheaves' Son Does Hilarious Drink Challenge

Loyal sipped on soy sauce, lemonade, cranberry juice, and more.

BYCaroline Fisher
Jeezy+Lil Baby Birthday Celebration

Recently, Jayda Cheaves took to social media, sharing a video of her son, Loyal. In the clip, the 4-year-old takes part in the "Mystery Drink Challenge." The challenge sees people tasting unknown drinks hidden in a box, and trying to guess what they are. Cheaves has her son sip on pleasant drinks like lemonade and Coca-Cola, while hitting him with some surprises like hot sauce and unsweetened cranberry juice.

The video is now going viral, with countless social media finding the boy's reactions hilarious. Loyal makes his feelings on the different drinks very apparent through his facial expressions, and not even Cheaves could contain her laughter. At the end of the video, he unwittingly takes a large gulp of soy sauce, and immediately freaks out, dramatically collapsing onto the ground.

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Loyal Does The Mystery Drink Challenge

Many social media users are comparing the 4-year-old's mannerisms to Lil Baby's when he was his age, noting how similar they are. Loyal is the rapper's youngest child, who he welcomed with Cheaves in 2019. He has one other son, Jason, who he had with Ayesha Howard in 2015. This year, there's been some rumors floating around that Cheaves could be pregnant again. Earlier this month she addressed them, noting how she believes they were fueled by her break from social media. "I really went missing for a good little minute," she explained. "Girls, we get in relationships, and we just like forget about ourselves. We totally just fall off the face of the Earth because we get so consumed in a relationship. That is where I was at in my life."

She seemingly went on to claim that she was trying to make a mends with her ex Lil Baby, revealing that things didn't work out. "I gave my relationship another shot and it shot me," she explained. What do you think of Loyal's mystery drink challenge? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more news.

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