Offset Shares New Album Art For Upcoming Project "Set It Off"

Offset continues to tease his upcoming album "Set It Off."

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Offset is building excitement among fans! He's gearing up for the arrival of his upcoming album, Set It Off, slated for release in October. The rapper has been offering glimpses of what's in store, building up anticipation with his increased activity on social media. While the album's official cover artwork was shared last week, Offset is still sharing visuals and imagery that pertain to the upcoming album. His most recent image featured a photo of Offset in another Michael Jackson-inspired ensemble, a red military jacket with black pants and a black glove.

Captured within the intriguing album artwork, Offset takes center stage amidst three chairs, with mysterious symbolism surrounding him. To his left, an anonymous figure is engulfed in flames. Meanwhile to his right, an intense spray of water is gushing at another unidentifiable person's head. Within the comments section, fans engage in speculation and try to decipher the profound meaning underlying Offset's artwork. They also shower Offset with accolades for his distinctive and original artistic vision, recognizing his ability to provoke thought and spark discussion. "1 of the best covers I’ve seen in a while," one user wrote. "This deep. shit fire tho pay attention to detail," another wrote. Someone else speculated, "Is that suppose to be Takeoff burning wtf!"

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Offset's New Album Is Set To Drop In October

In recent weeks, Offset has been strategically teasing the project in other ways. He's amping up the momentum as he interacts more frequently with his followers. His recent viral appearance on Kai Cenat's stream showcased the rapper in high spirits, dancing and creating a vibrant atmosphere. It seemed like high-energy, good vibes all weekend. Offset himself acknowledged the moment and let his audience know how much fun he had. Sharing on social media, he wrote, "I had the most fun in a very long time this weekend."

In line with his promotional efforts, Offset has previously unveiled a series of visually striking cover art images, many of them drawing inspiration from the iconic Michael Jackson. The album's cover art, shared last week, portrays another captivating scene. The artwork features an inverted image of buildings consumed by flames, seemingly with Offset descending from the sky. In a sleek all-black ensemble and sporting a single white glove, the imagery pays homage to the legendary Michael Jackson, a recurring source of inspiration for Offset, as he has noted in numerous interviews. With these teasers, Offset has set the stage for a highly anticipated sonic experience with Set It Off. The upcoming album marks his second full-length solo endeavor, following the 2019 release of Father of 4. It's set for release on October 13.

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