Chrisean Rock & Blueface's Future Could Include Blended Family With Jaidyn Alexis

Rock has no interest in a three-way relationship with Blue and his other baby mama, but she does want the best for Chrisean Jr.

BYHayley Hynes
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Since Chrisean Rock gave birth to her first baby – a little boy named after herself – earlier this month, we've hardly been able to keep up with the 23-year-old. She and Blueface spent the first few days of their son's life at odds as he closely watched her every move on social media while partying with Jaidyn Alexis. Much to fans' surprise, the Cr*zy In Love co-stars have since come together to film a music video. Elsewhere, Blue's first BM has been airing out her grievances with him on Twitter, even hinting at finding another person to help her make music.

On Tuesday (September 19), Chrisean hopped on Twitter to get some things on her chest regarding Alexis. "I asked Blue let me run my fade, he said everybody gotta agree," the Baltimore native explained. "She scared [for real], so I'ma just pull up so they can meet my son, f**k the fade for now." Rock made it known that she doesn't want the "Stewie" rapper's baby daddy, but she is hoping to "get the bulls**t out [of] the way."

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Chrisean Rock Speaks on Her Future Plans

"It's MILF Music," Rock declared, referencing Blue's label whose only two signees are his children's mothers. "[I don't f**k with] the three-way relationship s**t but I can [f**k with] the family part," the new mother added, clearly already understanding that it takes a village to raise little ones. "Nobody using anybody but s**t is what it is. We family."

Minutes later, the Baddies cast member returned with another message. "I got peace... My son good, I don't need for nothing. Me [and] Blue love each other so much [that] we purposely hurt each other because we became toxic as f**k," she typed. "I'm someone's mom [and] my baby daddy gotta grow up 'cuz I [had to] grow up. [And] Jaidyn gotta be mature."

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Reality Star Craves Peace Between Blueface and His BMs

Chrisean Rock went on to insist that she didn't "take" anything from Jaidyn Alexis. "This s**t just deeper [than] rap," the lyricist insisted. "We all gotta co-exist. The best I can do is fix what I f**ked up." Do you foresee Blueface's baby mamas becoming friends in the future? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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