What seems like the umpteenth Spider-Man reboot is headed to theaters this summer, and this time he’s going to be joining the ever-expanding Avengers army. The first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, which released in December, showed off the mostly one-way relationship between Peter Parker and Tony Stark, as well as the movie’s villain the Vulture. The second trailer goes deeper into Parker’s struggles to earn his place in a crowded world of superheroes.

The immediate conflict seems to be between Ironman and Spiderman more than Spiderman and Vulture (or the Shocker, who we get a brief glimpse of as well). Tony Stark takes Parker’s Spidey suit after he gets a little too gung-ho with the crime fighting, and the teenaged mutant has to earn his suit back.

Spider-man: Homecoming releases July 7. Check out a couple new posters for the film below.



Watch The Second Trailer For “Spider-Man: Homecoming”