Chrisean Rock Calls Out Her Sister For Threatening To "Beat TF" Out Of Her While Pregnant

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"I'm glad we filmed everything because why [you] lying on Live like dat?" Rock called out her sibling.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface's toxic relationship is what the reality starlet is most well known for. Throughout her rise to fame, we've learned that several other key connections in her life aren't so healthy either. In particular, the Baltimore native and her sisters have struggled to get along over the years. We've even seen them engaging in physical violence from time to time. Earlier in the summer, Rock and Tesehki found themselves feuding after the former had the latter jumped.

Tesehki addressed the situation on Instagram Live this weekend, though it wasn't long before her sister was accusing her of lying on Twitter. After tuning in, Chrisean wrote, "You got in my face saying [you] was [gonna] beat tf out of me. My friends addressed the situation right there. Before [you] got to touch me my hands stayed down the whole time. They [had to] make sure [you] wasn't [ready to] hit a b**ch." She added, "Everything was documented, [you] got in my face to see if I would hit [you] first."

Chrisean Rock Can't Escape the Drama Lately

In another post, the Baddies cast member broke down how their beef unfolded. She allegedly called Tesehki out for failing to "stand on anything [she's] said," which caused her sibling to get in her face. "I'll beat the f**k out of you," Tesehki reportedly threatened Chrisean. "[You] would fight [your] pregnant sister [before] slapping the four b**ches that [you] said [you] was gon line up," the black-haired beauty further noted. "I'm glad we filed everything because why [you] lying on Live like dat?"

Despite all the chaos unfolding around her, Chrisean Rock still seems optimistic about giving birth to her baby boy in the coming days. Earlier on in her pregnancy, she spoke about wanting to forego a hospital visit and welcome the little one at home, though it's unclear if those are still her plans. Check out the 23-year-old's final Instagram photo dump before embarking on motherhood at the link below, and tap back in later for more music/pop culture news updates.


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