Warren G On His Missed Opportunity To Deescalate 2Pac And Biggie's Feud

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Warren G "couldn’t get to" 2Pac.

During his upcoming appearance on the Drink Champs podcast, Warren G discussed the famous beef between 2Pac and Biggie Smalls. According to him, he may have also had an opportunity to diffuse the tension. He claims that if had been able to talk about the situation with 2Pac, it's possible things wouldn't have escalated the way they did.

“I pulled up, Biggie was right there we was chopping it up about everything,” he began. “Music — with him and 2Pac, them having beef and sh*t. He was just like, ‘He tripping on me.’ He was telling me everything. The artist continued, explaining how he offered to talk to 2Pac for him.

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Warren G "Couldn’t Get To" 2Pac

“So I said, ‘How about this, this what I’ll do,'" he then explains. "When I get at ‘Pac, I’ll say I talked to this n***a Biggie, and this what he said. You n***as get this sh*t together and stop that sh*t.'” Unfortunately, however, Warren G never got the chance to. The late performer was surrounded by his crew all the time, making it impossible for him to intervene. "I couldn’t get to [2Pac] because it was all the other muthaf*ckas that was around," Warren G says. "To really talk to him about what [Biggie] said. I was tryna get the message to him.

At the very least, he says the feud could have been taken down a notch if he had spoken to 2Pac. “It probably wouldn’t have been as bad,” he says. “Well, I would’ve pulled [2Pac] to the side and really talked to him. Like, ‘Look, this what this n***a told me.'” Obviously, it's too late now to know whether or not his intervention could have made any real difference. With that being said, many commenters disagree with his take, claiming that there's nothing that he could have done. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Warren G, Biggie, and 2Pac.

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