Michael Blackson Says Nick Cannon Will Have "3,000 Grandkids"

The comedian thinks it may be time for the mogul to wrap it up.

BYAlexis Oatman
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Michael Blackson, as a comedian, is known for giving witty commentary. So it's no surprise that when TMZ pulled on him, he had some funny remarks regarding Nick Cannon's ever-growing family. While out and about in West Hollywood, the Next Friday star joked that Nick Cannon needs to work on his pull-out game. In the past few years, the Wild 'n Out creator has made headlines over having multiple children with multiple women. He welcomed his 12th child, Halo Marie Cannon, with Alyssa Scott last December.

The comedian was asked if agreed with 50 Cent's recent statements in a Forbes interview about the 42-year-old mogul. "I don’t want the responsibility of that many women that you got to deal with emotionally, especially after they don’t feel like your friend anymore. That’s too much," 50 Cent said. Blackson seems to share a similar sentiment. "His pull-out game is as good as Joe Biden's immune system," he said.

Michael Blackson Also Comments On Afrobeats' Growing Popularity

He continued: "He needs to pull, clip, do something. Nick, you got 12 kids. How you visit them on Facetime?" he questioned. The comedian added," His 12 kids are gonna give him 3,000 kids. I can't wait." The reporter highlighted the possibility that individuals could be overly critical. However, in Blackson's opinion, he now has a "lifetime's worth" of material thanks to Nick Cannon. Blackson was also asked about the state of Afrobeats' growing popularity and if it's replacing Hip Hop. "It's not killing Hip Hop, it's just taking over. Everybody gets their turn. And it's Afrobeats turn [right] [now]," he said.

Additionally, he was asked if he considered making his Afrobeat-inspired track. He admitted that although he has made some songs, he's better off entertaining people on stage. Still, Blackson has shown he can be serious when necessary. When he and Katt Williams were beefing last fall, the comedian and actor called him out on social media.“Life is too short to be beefing, especially with people you love. I love every comedian like a brother, sometimes we say things about each other, and it comes out the wrong way, but we don’t mean no harm.”

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