Ne-Yo On Being A Father Of Seven: "It Takes A Village"

Ne-Yo says his older children are "over" having a famous dad.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Ne-Yo recently sat down with VladTV, discussing what it's like to be a single father of seven kids. Fortunately, the three mothers of his various kids as well as his family members have acted as a support system, taking care of the children while he's away. "I have a beautiful team of people helping me raise these kids," he explains. "It takes a village." The artist has three children with Crystal Renay, two with Monyetta Shaw, and two with Sadé Jenea.

He goes on to explain that the mothers of his kids don't ever speak poorly of him to his children, and vice versa. "At the end of the day," he says, "Once the blogs have moved on and that ain't a story no more, we still gotta raise these kids together." He describes how he and the three women will continue to be a part of each other's lives no matter what, making it important to him to keep things civil. Ne-Yo explains that he wants his children to have respect for their mothers, so he makes an effort to set a good example.

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Ne-Yo On His Family Dynamic

Later in the interview, Ne-Yo explains that all the children spend time with the three mothers, even referring to the women who aren't their biological moms as "extra moms." Though there are many moving parts within the family, the performer says they do their best to get along. "We have our dramas. We do, we're human beings," he shares. "But for the most part, at the end of the day everyone is on the same page and it being about the kids."

Ne-Yo claims that he and the mothers of his children's top priority is the overall wellbeing of their little ones. As for how his kids feel about having a famous dad, he says the younger ones enjoy it while the older ones are sick of it at this point. He says his oldest daughter and son are "over it."

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