Offset Surprises Cardi B With Luxury Gift

Cardi B's luxury bag collection is expanding.

BYCaroline Fisher
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In a new clip, Cardi B reveals that a sweet present from her partner prevented an impending argument. According to the rapper, Offset had called her to ask if she wanted him to bring her home some food. After she agreed, however, hours went by and she was left hungry. “So I’m waiting on the food and then I start getting aggravated because I’m like, ‘How you gonna ask me if I want a red snapper?’ So I don’t order food. I don’t Uber Eats food because I’m waiting on his food," she explains.

"So then I called him and I told him like, ‘If I knew you was gonna take two hours to get me food, you shouldn’t have even asked me if I wanted food," Cardi adds. Fortunately for Offset though, he didn't come home empty handed. Not only did he bring her the eagerly-awaited red snapper he had promised, but he also brought her a luxury handbag. "Look what my baby was doing for me!" Cardi says excitedly.

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Offset Gets Cardi B A New Gucci Bag

"He got me this bag!" Cardi says, also telling him "I love you." She then reveals a vibrant, pink and orange Gucci bag. "This is cute," she says of the bag. "She's girly. Guys, you know me I love me a girly bag. Period." Offset also shares that he designed the bag custom for her, making it the only one in existence. Cardi further expresses her appreciation for the new bag, talking about how her collection is expanding. Clearly, Cardi didn't mind waiting for her food once she found out what took him so long.

The sweet surprise follows some recent online drama between the pair, which they seem to have moved past. Offset took to social media to accuse Cardi of cheating on him, later claiming he was under the influence when he made the claims. They later dropped a new single and music video together, "Jealousy." Fans are just glad that Cardi and Offset are back to their typical, lovey-dovey couple activities on social media.

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