Some scary moments took place this past weekend for Lil Wayne and his family after the rapper suffered two seizures in Chicago on Sunday. According to an earlier report of ours, Weezy was supposedly found unconscious in his hotel room after experiencing a seizure at some point before noon. He was then rushed to the hospital where he reportedly suffered another seizure, leading to doctors advising the rapper’s team against discharging the performer so that he could make a previously scheduled gig in Las Vegas that night. Today (September 5th), TMZ is reporting that Wayne has been released from hospital, but those wanting to see him live in concert over the next little while might not be able to do so.

As per the new report, doctors have ordered a period of time off for the music superstar, who was allegedly feeling the effects of his super busy schedule and the fact that he has been getting basically no sleep. For the next two weeks, he’s been advised to take it easy, so that his body can recover from the seizures and build up strength to tackle his hectic slate of live dates down the road. TMZ also specified that the seizures had everything to do with his non-existent sleep schedule and supposedly nothing at all to do with his habit of frequently sipping lean. A video of Wayne performing on Saturday night would not lead you to believe that anything was wrong with him health-wise, as he looked every bit as energetic as he normally does while in front of a live audience. However, trips to parties after his shows followed immediately by long excursions at the studio were factors in the onset of the seizures this past weekend.

Weezy’s next targeted show date will be September 23rd, barring any additional medical setbacks or repeat incidents of seizures. After his daughter confirmed that her dad was doing well, the hip-hop community breathed a collective sigh of relief that the aftermath of Sunday’s sudden incident wasn’t more dire. Let’s hope that the R&R helps Lil Wayne recover fully and that he’ll be back on the road soon.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Released From Hospital, Taking Time Off After Suffering Seizures