Releasing "GOOBA" as his first post-prison record, Tekashi 6ix9ine aimed for a #1 record back in April. Despite his best efforts, he ended up with a #3 debut, losing the week to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's quarantine single "Stuck With U." 

The charts war was vicious with 6ix9ine attacking mainly Ariana Grande for allegedly using six credit cards to buy thousands of copies of the single on streaming services to boost their numbers and ensure a #1 debut. Justin Bieber chimed in, defending Grande and teaching the rainbow-haired rapper about how chart strategy works.

Things got pretty heated but, at the time, 69 didn't seem to pay Bieber any mind. Looking back, he might be trying to revive that beef because, in his first video interview post-prison with The Shade Room, he wore Justin's Drew House brand and trolled the pop star.

Last night, Tekashi sat down with TSR to discuss everything in his life and career without any filters. There were no limitations as to what they could ask but, one thing they didn't inquire about was 6ix9ine's choice of hoodie, which appeared to be strategic.

Throughout the interview, he was rocking a purple hooded sweatshirt from Justin Bieber's Drew brand, with the logo front-and-center the entire time.

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Some people are interpreting this as an olive branch extended to the star while others are calling this a low-key troll job from the master of trollery. How are you perceiving it?