Yesterday, a tracklist purportedly showing the features, production credits and more for Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album leaked online. As with any leaked tracklist, the first move is to always take it with a grain of salt. There are far more stories of early tracklists being fake than ones that end up being true. However DJ Dahi, who’s listed on multiple songs throughout the leaked list, posted a photo on Instagram today all but confirming that he worked on the album.

Showing himself in the studio, Dahi captioned the post simply “4/7,” the same date Kendrick mentions in “The Heart Part 4.” While it isn’t an explicit endorsement of the tracklist, it does absolutely nothing to suggest the leak is spurious either. If it is correct, we have an Andre 3000 verse to look forward to. DJ Dahi also produced “The Heart Part 4,” so he’s in deep with the TDE crew.


DJ Dahi Confirms He Worked On Kendrick Lamar’s New Album