Rick Ross Explains Dr. Dre's Perfectionism With Studio Tale

Dr. Dre's dedication is unparalleled, so says Rick Ross.

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Dr. Dre is a world-famous music producer whose collaborations and tracks are supremely influential to the hip-hop culture. Rick Ross has an answer as to why that is. Ross is one of the few rappers who have seen Dre's maniac perfectionism in the studio. He shared an instance of this process on his Instagram Stories this week. The pair met up to collaborate on the song "3 Kings," and one time, Ross went to Dre's house to work on music.

According to Rick Ross, "This what I’m tryna tell you, I’m telling him as a producer, how much time is he willing to put into the same beat? Last time I was at Dr. Dre's crib, there was another homie from Miami that was in there, and we just sitting there [kicking it]. He was like, ‘Yeah, them two words that you hear keep going back and forth, Dr. Dre had that on for a month.’ And I was like, ‘Those two words?!'"

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Rick Ross On Dr. Dre: "Perfection"

Multiple rappers have bore witness to the former NWA producer stressing over the most minute details on a given track. Xzibit recalled the good doctor making him redo a specific line over 500 times. Jim Jones has also been given the do-over treatment, recording a verse dozens of times until it was just right. Jones thought Dre was punking him, and he grew frustrated during the session. However, in both cases, the music came out, for lack of a better term, "perfect."

While Rick Ross appreciates the hard work and dedication he brings to the booth, Dr. Dre still drops the ball sometimes. He recently admitted he denied collaborating with Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. He didn't know what he could bring to the table for those generational talents. Dre claimed he prefers working with rising talent. Perhaps that's why he can get away with making rappers do hundreds of takes. When you're young and hungry to make a name for yourself, you'll do anything to get a beat from Dre.

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