It’s been a rather long time coming, but finally, Chris Brown is ready to release his Heartbreak on a Full Moon album come Halloween. It’s an appropriately spooky day for an appropriately spooky album title. Although — according to my adept Googles, there is not actually a full moon going down on October 31st, otherwise, we would have given C Breezy bonus points, amirite? Still, even without mother nature aligning with Chris Brown’s musical output, his fans surely will. The ever-loyal Chris Brown stans have gobbled up on his Netflix documentary, Welcome to My Life, which just hit Netflix on October 7th. He’s keeping the momentum going, no doubt the release date for his documentary was well thought-out and executed as part of his Heartbreak album roll out. Today, or more accurately, at Midnight, he’ll release a new single worldwide, with assistance from Future and Young Thug (!!) (exclamation marks are for my unbiased artist favoritism), “High End.” Depending where you live in the world, you may be able to press play and take a listen immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be relegated to wait until it hits your market at Midnight (or else wait for us to update this page with a more accessible player).

If you aren’t able to listen yet, let me describe the sonic experience — Future is the very first voice you’ll hear, with his auto-tuned croon laid atop smooth, spacey and synth production, things quickly picking up pace when the drums kick in, while Future waxes about luxuries. Balenciaga, Aston Martin, Tesla and Chanel are all name-dropped within seconds of each other. From there Chris Brown takes over singing, sometimes lazily (but purposefully) with a slight auto-tune effect on, before passing to Young Thug who closes out the record with his own quirky references. It’s a dope collaboration, with no one artist claiming the hook, instead each artist does their verse and their own interpretation of the hook. 

Chris Brown teased on Instagram that the pre-order for Heartbreak on a Full Moon impacts Friday, also known as tomorrow, also known as Friday the 13th (Chris really planned this well???). Thus with the pre-order, you’ll likely get this single as well and perhaps a look at the tracklist. We’ll have to wait and see, but Breezy mentioned back in May that the album would be a double-disc one.

While you’re here you can scope out the official album artwork up top. If you stan for Chris Brown, take our quiz on the singer and find out if you know as much as you think know???