Fetty Wap has been known to travel with wads of cash. Last October, he showed up in court to pay a $350 fine with $165,000 in bills. On Sunday, TMZ reports that he was waving some money around once again, but this time for a more generous cause. Video of the rapper hanging out in his native New Jersey shows him handing out money to a few local kids he came across. According to sources in the area, he was asking the young cyclists if they were staying in school. If they answered ‘yes,’ they got a few crisp bills from Fetty. One of the kids walked away with $400, according to the report.

Fetty has not released a studio album since his debut self-titled effort in 2015. He has, however, been releasing mixtapes and singles quite frequently. The Paterson, NJ rapper released his Lucky No. 7 EP in June. In 2016, he shared the Zoo Gang compilation, his solo Zoovier mixtape and Money, Hoes & Flows, the joint project with PnB Rock.

Fetty recently settled a lawsuit over a sample in his hit “Trap Queen.” In 2016, the single reached No. 2 on the Hot 100, one of three singles of Fetty’s to reach the top ten (“679” at 4, “My Way” at 7). With the lawsuit out of the way, he’s probably feeling a little more generous with his money these days.

While he has many accomplishments to his name, Fetty was particularly excited about meeting his hero Gucci Mane last year. “My life is fucking finished. Life goals. I’m done,” he said of his meeting with Guwop. “I’m super fucking rich. I made more than five million dollars. I met Guwop. I got all my I fucking dream cars. I fucking quit. I’m deleting everything, fuck Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat. There’s no more Fetty Wap, man. It’s over. Squaawww!!”

The kids who met Fetty Wap in NJ were likely just as starstruck. You can watch the video of Fetty handing out cash above.

Listen to Fetty’s most recent release “There She Go” featuring his favorite collaborator Monty.