Starfield: Release Date, Xbox Game Pass, Trailer, Gameplay, Constellation Edition & More

Get the scoop on Bethesda's Starfield, releasing Sep 2023. Learn about gameplay, release platforms, and exciting pre-order bonuses.

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Bethesda Game Studios is all set to launch Starfield, their highly anticipated space exploration game, on September 6, 2023. This role-playing action game is the first new IP from Bethesda in over 25 years. It is an ambitious venture that promises an immersive experience in a space-themed setting. The game allows players to traverse an open world within the Milky Way galaxy, landing on over 1,000 planets and numerous moons and space stations. As you journey through this vast universe, you can customize your character, engage in combat, explore and extract resources from different planets, and build outposts.

The game will be available on Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S and on day one with Game Pass. For those who can't wait to get their hands on the game, pre-orders for the Premium and Constellation Editions are now open, offering bonus features and early access up to five days before the official release. Prepare to embark on an epic space odyssey with Starfield.

Release Date

Set to embark on a cosmic adventure, Starfield, an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, is scheduled to launch on September 6th, 2023. With the game set in a vast, space-themed setting, it marks the first new intellectual property developed by Bethesda in over 25 years. The release will be for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S​.

Xbox Game Pass

Starfield will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass on its release day. This is a major win for Xbox Game Pass subscribers as it means they'll be able to dive into this highly anticipated game on day one as part of their subscription​.


Bethesda Game Studios has released an official gameplay trailer for those eager to get a glimpse of the game. The footage was unveiled during the Starfield Direct video update. Director Todd Howard and his core development team presented a 45-minute showcase of the game's expansive universe and various features. The trailer allows players to appreciate the scale and scope of this game. This includes visiting over 1,000 planets, moons, and asteroids to engaging with various factions. Additionally, the trailer shows piloting and customizing one's ship and mastering a refined combat system​.


Starfield boasts an open world in the form of an area within the Milky Way galaxy. It contains both fictional and non-fictional planetary systems. The gameplay footage showcases the ability of players to land on more than 1,000 planets and an unspecified number of moons and space stations. The landscapes within the game are procedurally generated, with the terrain, alien flora, fauna, and locations of interest generated as the player approaches a planet.

At the start of the game, players can customize their character. They can choose their body, voice, appearance, background, and traits. As the game progresses, players can level up. This unlocks new abilities found in the game's five distinct skill trees: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech. Equipped with various firearms, explosives, melee weapons, and even jetpacks, players can tackle various combat scenarios in the game.

Another intriguing aspect of the gameplay is the ability to scan planets for their natural resources. Players can extract or harvest these resources to fulfill many crafting recipes. Moreover, players can erect outposts to serve as homes or facilitate resource-extraction operations​.

Constellation Edition

Image Copyright: Bethesda

In addition to the standard game, Bethesda has unveiled a deluxe Constellation Edition and Premium Edition of Starfield. These packages come with bonus features and extra content. The Constellation Edition includes the base game, a story expansion upon release, up to five days early access, a Starfield Chronomark Watch and Case, a SteelBook Display Case, a Constellation Skin Pack, access to a digital artbook and original soundtrack, and more. The Premium Edition includes the base game, a story expansion upon release, the Constellation Skin Pack, a digital artbook and soundtrack access, and more. Pre-ordering either edition will provide eager players up to five days of early game access​, with fans in the UK able to do so via GAME for £249.99.

Here are all of the bonuses included in the Constellation Edition:

  • Starfield Base Game
  • Shattered Space Story Expansion (upon release)
  • Up to five days early access
  • Constellation Skin Pack: Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet and Boost Pack
  • Access to Starfield Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack
  • Steelbook® Display Case
  • Constellation Patch
  • Starfield Chronomark Watch and Case
  • Credit Stick with Laser-Etched Game Code

Limited Edition Wireless Headset

Image Copyright: Bethesda and GAME

The Starfield Constellation Edition isn’t the only GAME exclusive, however. For an added layer of cosmic immersion, players can find the Exclusive Starfield Limited Edition Wireless Headset at GAME UK stores.

With a unique red and white striped headband to match the equally stylish Starfield Limited Edition Wireless Controller and a clear mic boom that reveals the bronze speaker piece within, this wireless headset seamlessly blends style, comfort and functionality. Players will also have the benefit of on-ear controls too, allowing them to adjust volume and balance settings without interrupting the action.

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