Chris Brown Gets Freaky In New Single "Summer Too Hot"

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Chris Brown - Summer Too HotChris Brown - Summer Too Hot

Chris Brown has unveiled his newest track.

Chris Brown has dropped off his newest single, titled "Summer Too Hot." Brown teased the "nasty" track earlier this month, telling his followers "If yall thought I wasn’t going to release a single for the summer …. Think again." The mellow single is sure to land on several playlists this summer.

Brown's latest album Breezy has also been nominated for BET's 2023 Album Of The Year. Fans can find out whether the artist will take it home this Sunday (June 25), live. The awards ceremony airs at 8 p.m. ET. Recently, Brown also worked alongside Fridayy to release a collaboration titled "Don't Give It Away." Fridayy, who was recently announced as a member of XXL's Freshman class of 2023, dropped the accompanying music video featuring Brown yesterday. The track also follows Brown's controversial collaboration with Chloe Bailey, “How Does It Feel.”

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Chris Brown's Newest Track

Complete with smooth vocals and a laid-back beat, the song is sure to quickly become a summer anthem. The breezy track about "getting nasty" with a summer fling sets the tone of the season, embracing it's freaky lyrics. "Summer Too Hot" also features production from Leon "Roccstar" Youngblood.

A couple of weeks ago, the polarizing artist shared his thoughts on "fake" artists during an Instagram rant. "World so f*cked up," he explained, "We don’t utilize our collective consciousness." He further went on to cite his own "undeniable understanding of evolving and pushing [himself] beyond [his] capabilities." Brown then revealed that he "often [thinks] that this world Is based on lies, disinformation, fear, and mental slavery." "ANY MUSIC OR ART I DELIVER…. I’M doing this FOR ME," he claimed at the time, "I SERVE MY PURPOSE TO MY PASSION AND LOVE."

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Quotable Lyrics:

Summer too hot not to f*ck it up
Is the mood right? Is it wet enough?
I gotta a new ride, guess I levеled up
Let me wеt it up just a few times
Summer too hot, had to double up
Shawty too fire with the bubble butt


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