“Look At Me” has been a defining song of 2017. It took the Internet by storm throughout early 2017 and was a pivotal force in launching XXXTENTACION’s career while he was incarcerated. While he recently dropped his highly anticipated album 17 in late August, he comes back to drop the video for “Look At Me!” The title of the video is a bit misleading FYI. As it starts off with the notable X anthem, it quickly takes a serious turn where he ends up tackling a much larger societal topic on his song “Riot.”

The song itself gained popularity due to the pretty ridiculous and animated lyrics that X spits on it. X takes the tone of the song and translates it into a brand new video that starts off equally ridiculous. X is seen taking over a classroom before inciting a riot within it and eventually knocking the teacher out with a dildo (lol). However, while that part of the video covers less than the first verse of the song, X flips the video into the song “Riot.”

You may have remembered when XXXTENTACION posted a video on Instagram of his body hanging off a tree. While it was perceived by many as a ploy to promote his album, he later revealed that it was part of a music video he was shooting. The shot of him hanging off the tree coincides with the theme of “Riot” in the second part of the video. While he hangs, the director crosses actual footage of Philando Castille, Rodney King and Heather Hayes with re-created scenes of the violence they fell victim. He uses a little black boy as the focal point of the second half, pushing the message of equality among all races. By the end of the video, he goes on a monologue addressing racial equality in America and globally.