Summer Walker’s Best Collaborations

With Summer Walker set to release her new EP, “Clear 2: Soft Life” we take a look at some of her best collaborations.

Summer Walker’s Best Collaborations

One thing about Summer Walker, she's going to deliver a hit. She made that clear when she delivered "Girls Need Love" in 2018. Since then, the Atlanta native has soared to new heights and gained fans that praise her daily. We know Summer can carry her own songs, but what about when she's featured in artists' songs? Here is a list of Summer's best collaborations.

“No Lames” – Kash Doll feat. Summer Walker (2019)

The queen of Detroit, Kashdoll called on Walker to provide a glorious hook on "No Lames." The three-minute song is about finding the strength to stop stressing and leave "lame" men alone. It's a feature you can admit you never thought you would see happen but one you are grateful to hear. With Kashdoll's fierce bars and Summer's warm voice, you are grateful to have this song placed on your playlist.

“Purple Hearts” – Kendrick Lamar feat. Summer Walker & Ghostface Killah (2022)

Another feature you may not have expected to happen but can thank the heavens for is "Purple Hearts" by Kendrick Lamar featuring Summer Walker and Ghostface. The song was featured on K.Dot's highly anticipated fourth album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. Summer chimes in on the hook with Kendrick before dishing out a hot 16, "But my n*gga left, his ass on the road. Gossiping 'bout some shit you don't know. Oh, you hoe. I hate it here, baby daddy still on my phone. I hate it here, asking if I have been on the pole." It's clear Summer is talking to the ones that bad mouth her. She's tired of the gossipers assuming things that aren't true, and as a true introvert, she simply hates it here.

“Yummy” – Justin Bieber feat. Summer Walker (2020)

Toronto native Justin Beiber taps on Summer Walker to bless him with a remix to his hit single "Yummy." The song is a melody for women who are down for their man and also have that yummy. "In the AM or PM you get what you needed from me; sugar, honey so sweet," sings Summer, who provides a quick verse for the ladies to relate to and can recite to their man. "Yummy" is a perfect one for a club dance, car rides down to the beach, strip club, or if you wanna spice up the bedroom for your significant other.

“Deserve Me” – Kali Uchis feat. Summer Walker (2023)

Kali sings about returning to the road and moving on from her ex. Summer comes and sings about wanting to leave her man, yet she's conflicted. She took a huge risk with this lover, making him feel lucky even though he was not all that attractive. She may be fighting these feelings, but it is safe to say she left because he didn't deserve her time.

“Mixy” – Quavo & Takeoff feat. Summer Walker (2022)

We know men have real feelings as well, and "Mixy" by Quavo and Takeoff is a song dedicated to women who have mixed feelings and signals. Quavo is sending shots, "How you count your blessings and don't mention me?" A valid question and follows it up by saying he ignores the tweets because the love is all gone and she's for the streets. Summer comes in after the hook, providing a rapping-singing verse. She sings that she's trying to recover from men who aren't worth it, she's distracting herself by being on her wave. She's turned her heart into chrome and is busy raising her net worth and having fun.

Takeoff provides a strong point of view of fighting with his girlfriend. He and his lady have matching APs and Van Cleef's pieces, but money can not buy happiness because the two have fights with one another. During this fight, his lady packed her bags but Take knows she's not leaving cause their relationship is mixy and messy. He tells her she needs to count him in his blessings, and even though their lover's quarrel happened a while ago, he still has a love for her.

“Unloyal” – Summer Walker feat. Ari Lennox (2021)

This list cannot be completed without "Unloyal." It is a Summer Walker song but the song features fellow songstress Ari Lennox. The three-minute song is an ode to men who call their women unloyal because they will not put up with their nonsense or ongoing games. Summer calls him out for spotting him at a bar with a girl at the bar, and she's over it. Ari sings about her man being childish, how he is lying that he pays for things when in reality, he isn't doing a single thing except commenting on Kevin Samuels's posts. She tells him to come to get his belongings because she is too fine and does not need the childish man wasting her time.

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